Art Village



  1. Smoke Signal Media

  2. 15 Minutes of Fame Folk Festival - Labour Day Sunday

  3. Rosebud Theatre

  4. Akokiniskway Golf Course

  5. Centennial Museum

  6. Akokiniskway Art Gallery

  7. Kjell Erickson Guitars

* Historic Walking Tour

  1. Rosehip Gift Store

  2. Rosebud Creek Music Studio

  3. High Eagle Campground

  4. Wild Horse Jack’s Bistro

  5. Thorny Rose Cafe

Bed & Breakfasts

  1. -Rosebud Country Inn

  2. -Rose Cottage B&B

  3. -Arbour Guesthouse

  4. -Actor’s Studio B&B

  5. -Queen Regent

  6. -Oxbow B&B


One of Canadian’s favourite poems is THE CREMATION OF SAM McGEE by Robert Service. The real Sam McGee that Service based his character on was actually born in Ontario, and  didn’t get cremated but buried in The Rosebud Cemetery east of Beiseker. To read the story:


An “Artful” history

The flagship of the town is Rosebud Theatre, a professional theatre that attracts over 40,000 visitors every year. Productions range from drama, comedies, to full blown summer musicals.

The theatre is run by Rosebud Schools of the Arts, founded in the 1970’s as a Fine Arts Camp, and transforming into a Theatre Training school. Students learn the craft of acting, and can take classes ranging from set design to visual art.

A wide variety of music is produced from the hamlet.

Folk duo Lewis & Royal are popular balladeers who weave tight vocals, heartfelt stories, and comic antics into their touring act.

Community Choir & Rosa Cantorum, an all female auditioned choir perform regularly under the director William Edward Hamm.



Rosebud is the home of  a new vocal trio, THE WHEATLAND BAND. The members are Travis Friesen, Royal Sproule and Travis Friesen. You can catch them touring Alberta all year long.

Visual Arts

Akokiniskway Gallery is a regional public gallery that displays three shows per year. It runs in conjunction with Rosebud Theatre, sharing the same operational hours.

“Rosebud” 1949 by H.G. Glyde

Rosebud has a long and rich tradition as an artist’s village. The beauty of the valley inspired the Blackfoot to name it Akokinskway “By the River of Many Roses.” 

Canada’s famous “Group of Seven” painters loved to visit Rosebud in the early 1930’s to paint the unique landscape. In 1943, group founder A.Y. Jackson and H.G. Glyde were commissioned by the National Gallery of Canada to make studies of the Alaska Highway. In ’42 Jackson and Glyde returned for the same assignment but arrangements for them were not provided, so they painted instead in Rosebud. It was there that Sir Fredrick Banting wanted to return with Jackson to sketch but he never realized his wish because of his untimely death in 1941).

“High Eagle” 2010

by H.G. Aran McCormick

While taking a backseat to theatre in the last 20 years, visual arts is experiencing a resurgence with the addition of The Royal Sproule Art Gallery, and Wolf Studios, a space where painter, and photographer Randall Wiebe holds art classes, and a runs a drop-in studio every Monday night.



From the art of the perfect golf swing on hole #3 of Akokiniskway Golf Course, to the art of cuisine by Rosebud’s Theatre’s Executive chef Charlie See, there is much art to be served up in lil’ old Rosebud.

Sir Fredrick Banting.

Discoverered Insulin

Artist H.G. Glyde

Artist A.Y. Jackson

of Group of Seven

Illustionist, Magician Lothar hosts several yearly “events” that will leave you scratching your head.

Sam McGee was from Tennessee

... but his bones are in the Rosebud Cemetery

William McGee, at home.

Whitehorse Yukon, during the Gold rush.

Film/Video Arts

In the past year a new media arts company has come to the forefront in Rosebud. SMOKE SIGNAL MEDIA is a company Royal Sproule is a partner in. They produce promotion videos, music videos, and films. The current film they are working on is CARL’S WAY, the amazing true story of a Southern Albertan hero in the dirty thirties.